Farm and Ranch

Planting Garlic now and Feeding Hay has begun

Sustaining that Which Sustains Us!

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Coming F2T Dinners

HUGE SUCCESS! 2018 Fall F2T - A Garden and Gun Event .  Only 50 reservations. Enjoy farm setting, skeet shooting, wildgame and other local foods. Supporting NW GA Food Hub development.  Contact us for details.

HUGE SUCCESS! April 28th, Fundraising Event , Advocates for child literacy. 

Recipes and Words to Live By


Aldo Leopold

“We Abuse land because we regard it as a commodity belonging to us. When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect. “

Also from the Farm

Family Photography for members - 30$

Flowers and Herbal cut blends

Garden Plants (order by spring)

NOW distributing for HEMPWORX. Contact us directly for ordering  

Farm Membership


Farm Memberships  available January. $75 per member

To better manage our production and adequately support those interested in what we are offering, for now we are only accepting 20 farm memberships. As a member you get priority on all we have in production.  If it is more than we can consume, we will then sell outside the membership. If we are not producing enough for the members, we can easily plant more to accommodate. You will receive an email notification of what is available and when and how much, at that time we will harvest and arrange delivery. At times availability will be limited.  

Beef Shares Available

SOLD OUT 2018 Members get priority: Look for the "Rockin' Lazy H C" brand.  We will be accepting members for two processed animals later this spring/summer.  This Fall/Winter we will sell Whole, Half or quarter shares. Down payment is required. If you order early enough we can do prescribed feeding regimen for your preference. Each animal yields almost 400# processed meat.